Upgrades and updates

Upgrade Policies

All purchases from MomSoft include:

  • free major product upgrades within 1 year of any registered purchase
  • free minor version upgrades at any time
  • discounts on any non-free upgrade

For example, if you buy version 3.0 of a product, any version beginning with a 3 (3.0.1, 3.2, etc.) will be free, and version 4.0 will be free within 1 year of your purchase and you will receive a discount afterwards to upgrade to the latest version.

Requesting an Upgrade

Please contact our sales department using this form to request an upgrade of any of our programs.

To expedite the process, be sure to provide us the email address used when you originally ordered the software. If you have changed your email address, of you are unsure of the email address used at the date of purchase, please provide us with the following information:

  • The name used when purchasing the software
  • The aproximate date of purchase
  • Your current email address (otherwise we won’t be able to contact you with the upgrade information)


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