Limitations of our evaluation versions

Most products of MomSoft are marketed using the “try before you buy” method. Specifically:

  • FormsAssistant
  • PowerTOC
  • PowerMerge

We are so sure you are going to like our products that we impose no limitations on the free evaluation versions that are available on this web site for you to try.

Differences with commercial version

The only differences you should find between the evaluation version (or trial version) with a fully registered commercial version are:

  • Evaluation versions are limited to 45 days of use.
  • You will get from time to time “reminder screens” with the main purpose of reminding you of the time remaining until the expiration of the evaluation period. Contrary to other software vendors, our “reminder screens” are unobtrusive.
  • As appropriate, the evaluation version includes buttons or menu options that link to our purchasing page on this web site.
  • In these cases in which output is produced, our evaluation versions might insert “watermarks” on the output produced.

Extending the evaluation period

We provide our users with an extensive period of 45 days to fully evaluate our products before purchasing them. Nevertheless, if for some reason you require an extension to the evaluation period, you may ask us to extend the evaluation period.

Please, use our contact form and send your request to our sales department.

What happens to my data after the evaluation period has expired

After the evaluation period you are required to either purchase a valid license, to continue using the program, or to uninstall the software from your hard disk.

You will not lose any data produced with our programs, i.e.

  • Forms processed with FormsAssistant will not be affected, but you won’t be able to process new forms.
  • Table of Contents produced with PowerTOC will not be deleted, but they won’t update to reflect changes made to your presentations.
  • Presentations using PowerMerge will be completely operational, but you will not be able to merge data.

Of course, if you purchase the product, you will be able to continue using all your data again.

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