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Using conditional fields

In PowerMerge conditional fields let you filter slides, so that certain records do not generate a particular slide on the merged presentation.

There are two types of conditional fields:

  • Simple conditional fields have the form [IF|Field]. PowerMerge will not include a slide containing a simple conditional field if the value of the conditional field is empty on the record.
  • Conditional fields with a comparison value have the form [IF|Field=Value]. PowerMerge will only include slides if the value of the field is the same on the record as the comparison value.

Therefore, you will use simple conditional fields when there are just two alternatives, to include or not to include a slide for each record. Comparison values enable using different alternatives to create complex merged presentations.

See it in action

PowerMerge Tutorial #3 – Using conditional fields to filter slides (3 min)

This tutorial shows advanced uses of conditional fields to filter some slides so that they only appear in the appropriate section of a customized presentation.

On this tutorial we present two examples:

  • Further customizing the Law Firm corporate presentation to include only the practices that interest each client
  • How to create a portfolio of an artist, grouping pictures by category

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