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Add targets to Control Runner

When you first install Control Runner there are only two program buttons: ‘Buy Control Runner’ and ‘Open the User Guide’. Both of them are very useful and you should probably use them both, but you will soon become interested in adding new buttons pointing to applications, documents, folders or URLs on your system so that you can easily access them afterward.

Fortunately, Control Runner has several ways of adding new buttons:

1) Importing from the Start Menu

You can directly copy items from your Start Menu by opening it, selecting the item you want and dropping it onto Control Runner.

There is another way to accomplish this, which is more convenient, using the Import Start Menu dialog which mimics the Start Menu but presenting it in an Explorer-like window.

To access it, click on the Import button on the toolbar of the main window.

Browse for the item you want to import and drag and drop it onto the program button position you want.

2) Importing from the New programs dialog

When Control Runner detects that new items have been placed on the Start Menu it shows the  New button on the toolbar of the main window. Clicking on the New button opens the Import new items dialog that shows all items installed to the Start Menu on the current session, or since the last time you used the dialog.

Drag and drop the item you want to import onto the program button position you want.

3) Importing from Windows Explorer

In a similar way, you can drag and drop any item shown in an Explorer window.

You can drag and drop any object, either programs or documents, folders, drives and virtual items, such as control panel applets, network connections, printers, …

4) Importing from the desktop

You can also drag and drop any desktop icon to Control Runner.

5) Defining a new button from the item configuration dialog

Right clicking on a program button (or pressing the ALT + ENTER key combination) opens the item configuration dialog. On this dialog you can select any file to be the target of the button.

6) Copying an already existing button

The last alternative is to copy a button that already exists. This could be of interest, for example, if you want it to point to the same application, but use different arguments to launch it.

To copy a button, simply hold the CTRL key on your keyboard while you drag and drop a button inside Control Runner.

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