We are happy to announce the start of the beta test of 64-bit versions of our Office add-ins.

Our  three add-ins have been upgraded to be compatible with 64-bit versions of Office:

  • FormsAssistant
  • PowerMerge
  • PowerTOC

The beta is restricted to registered users by invitation only. If you have not received the invitation, or are not a registered user but would be interested in participating in the beta to evaluate our software, please contact us to get access to the private beta site.

What’s new on the 64-bit versions 

We have had to completely rewrite the add-in framework that is shared by all our add-ins to be able to compile them with a compiler able to produce 64-bit code. The old framework relied on several third-party components that were no longer supported causing the delay in finalizing the port of our products to the new compiler.

The changes made should not affect to the functionality of the add-ins that should work exactly as the released versions, although there might be some compatibility issues that will be the subject of the beta test just started. We are confident that there should not be important problems, but the combination of three products with two versions of each (32 and 54 bit) and the various versions of PowerPoint and Word require thorough testing of all the possible interactions.

Lessons learned and future roadmap 

In the past we have relied on a large number of third-party libraries and components to create our add-ins, resulting in a very cumbersome update process. Every time Microsoft has released a new version of Office it took a long time and effort to update the various libraries and components to make them compatible with the new version of Office. 

For that reason, we decided to drastically reduce the number of components used and have been busy the best part of 2018 replacing many of the old components with an internal framework. This should result in a reduction of the time required to keep our add-ins updated for new versions of Office.

Also for that reason, we have not implemented many planned enhancements to the functionality of our add-ins. We will start working again on improving their functionality as soon as the beta test is over.

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