After a very promising start last April, the development of Control Runner 5 has been severely delayed, due to several issues, which now seem to be solved. We are currently finalizing the development at a good pace.

Therefore we are happy to report that we have a target date for the release of the first stable version of Control Runner 5, and that date is mid January 2020.

During the development process, we have taken a few decisions which we want to share with you.

Free Lite version

 Starting with version 5, we are changing the distribution model of Control Runner. It will be no longer a limited-time shareware (i.e. try-before-you-buy a fully working version of the commercial product), but rather it will come in two editions.

  • A completely free Lite version that will include all functionality but will have a few limitations; the number of buttons on each tab will be limited to 20 (5 rows and 4 columns), the number of tabs will be limited to 5 (plus the Start page) and some advanced options for launched programs will be unavailable (prevent second instance, minimize to tray or hide)
  • A commercial Pro version which does not have these limitations, although the maximum number of buttons will of course be still limited. Probably be will maintain the limit of Control Runner v4 of 80 buttons on each tab (10 rows by 8 columns) or maybe we will increase it to 100 buttons per tab (10 rows and 10 columns).

32 and 64-bit editions

There will be both 32 and 64-bit versions of Control Runner.

The main reason for the 64-bit edition is that you need a 64-bit executable to access some features of 64-bit versions of Windows, most notably access to 64-bt applets of the Control Panel.

Supported versions of Windows

Control Runner v5 will support all versions of Windows from Windows 7, i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Probably it will also work in Windows Vista (does anybody have Windows Vista installed?) but it will most probably not work correctly in previous versions of Windows.

New features?

As mentioned in a previous post, we are no planning new features for Control Runner v5. Rather, our focus is to increase the overall performance and remove some bugs that have been piling over these last years.

 I hope you’ll enjoy Control Runner 5 as much as we are enjoying making it! I will continue providing updates over the next few weeks until the new version is ready for its planned public beta test!


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