We are extremely pleased to announce that we have started the creation of version 5 of Control Runner. Control Runner, previously called MomShell was our first product, launched in 1995, to improve the way you launch programs on Windows 3.1. Since then, we updated it to support successive versions of Windows, up to Windows 8.

We decided to stop the development of Control Runner in 2017 due to its lack of sales and the decision to change the development environment that we used to maintain it (Delphi 2007) to enable the upgrading of our Office add-ins. Control Runner v4 uses many third-party libraries that are no longer available for the new versions of Delphi and thus it was impossible for us to continue supporting the program.

The situation has changed recently:

  • First, we have completed the upgrade of all our Office add-ins to support the latest versions of Office, including 64 bit support.
  • Second, in the process, we have replaced many dependencies from third-party libraries with our own code, simplifying the work required to port Control Runner to the new development environment.
  • Third, as mentioned above, we have received numerous petitions from old users to maintain the support for Control Runner.

And, perhaps, the more important reason: We miss Control Runner!

Control Runner is the very first application that we install in all our new systems. We feel lost without it. Although Control Runner 4 still mostly works in the latest versions of Windows (Windows 8 and Windows 10) there are some issues that reduce its functionality.

Development plans

We have finalized the tests required to ensure that we will be able to implement most of the features of Control Runner with the new environment, so the only task pending is to port the old code to the new environment. This should not take very long!

As soon as we have a first functional version with the core functions of Control Runner, we will start a restricted beta. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

 On the next posts, I will describe the new features that will be added (they will be very limited initially) and the features that we are planning to remove. Since Control Runner has been on the market for almost 25 years, it has accumulated many features that complicate the product and they are rarely used, or simply convenient.

Stay tuned!

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