I have decided to document the “making of Control Runner 5” in a series of posts showing the progress of the process.

As can be seen on the screenshot above, I have been able to compile a highly modified code base of Control Runner 4 using the new development environment in a single day.

What is working already?

First, I have to admit that to make the code compilable, I have had to comment out a good portion of the code base. This means that many important functions are not available yet. Some, if not most of them, are just a matter of carefully examining the old code and making the necessary adjustments, but there are also a few issues that will require a complete re-coding because, as mentioned in the previous post, one of the main objectives of Control Runner 5.0 is to remove the dependencies on external libraries and component collections.

Having said that, Control Runner 5 already does a great deal:

  • New buttons can be added using the Button Configuration dialog, but not drag and drop operations which of course is the best way to create new buttons
  • Launch programs, documents and folders, send emails and visit web pages, but not virtual items (like Control Panel items or non-filesystem targets)
  • Use the “Run as administrator” option, which was broken since Windows 8! I am really satisfied of this one, because it was something that I was sorely missing

What is not going to be implemented?

This is not a final list, but so far we have decided to remove the following seldom used features:

  • The Tools dialog, but some of the utilities will be included on the Configuration dialog (like backup and restore the configuration)
  • All the Security functions: They are difficult to understand and do not provide enough security (they can be easily circumvented)
  • The Zone Activation feature (activating Control Runner by placing the mouse cursor in a corner or side of the screen)
  • Some Options that were added by request but we have never loved, like Start minimized, autominimize, close to tray
  • Launch multiple targets

That is all for now!

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming beta, please contact us!


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